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Kindli Haus

KindliHaus provides gingerbread houses and gingerbread men for your decorating events.  The gingerbread is made from genuine Swiss Lebkuchen. 

KindliHaus is the inspiration of Ms. Sylvia Lanz, daughter of renowned Swiss Pastry Chef and Baker Roland Lanz of Roland's Swiss Pastry.

If you are having a big event, give us a call. We work with many churches, hotels, grocery, & retail locations.  


About Us

Gingerhouse Bakery

Roland Lanz, the founder of Gingerhouse Bakery, grew up in Münsingen, Bern, Switzerland. As a young boy, he developed a love of cooking and baking for his family. In his teens, he began working as an apprentice baker and pastry chef at various tea rooms in Switzerland, under the tutelage of many famous Chefs.   

While perfecting his craft in Switzerland, he dreamed of moving to the United States to open a bakery and start a family. After applying for many different positions across the world, Roland was offered his dream job in Houston, working under Chef Hans Huwyler. It took only 4 years in Houston for Roland to open a bakery of his own in 1962. His other dream came true with the birth of his daughter in 1961. Great accomplishments and fame came quickly to the young couple having come to the US barely speaking English. 

Roland's recipes are the tastes behind Kindli Haus and Gingerhouse Bakery - 50 years strong. 

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